Expanding Overtime Pay to Millions

By Ben Davis

In today’s modern workforce, employees have increasingly been working longer hours for less pay. Many of these workers are salaried employees, who are told by their employer that they do not qualify for overtime. Recently, under the Obama administration’s direction, the Department of Labor (DOL) passed new regulations that affect who is eligible for overtime payments. The DOL estimates that this will now enable approximately 4.2 million Americans to receive overtime payments, who were previously considered exempt. So who are these people and what do they do? Continue reading “Expanding Overtime Pay to Millions”


Uber’s Lawsuit Problem

Uber’s increasing number of wage & hour lawsuits are not easily rectified given the fundamental issue at hand, which would require a major overall to Uber’s employment.

By Ben Davis

Uber: Trouble in Paradise?

Over the past few years, Uber has been hit with an increasing number of wage and hour lawsuits over their decision to classify their drivers as “independent contractors,” rather than employees. Continue reading “Uber’s Lawsuit Problem”